Why Do I Breakout After A Facial?

Facials should improve the overall health and beauty of your skin. But occasionally your skin can suffer from post-facial stress. Why? Extractions. One of the many benefits of a facial is that a skilled skin therapist will soften your skin and manually extract or squeeze out blackheads to produce a more clearer and smoother texture. There may be times, however, when some of the clogged debris will not budge no matter how much your therapist might try. Any remaining debris in the pores will create some bacteria and result in a blemish usually 2-3 days after a facial. If this happens to you keep in mind that your skin is purging so it will be healthier in the long run. Just as long as you don’t disturb the blemish by squeezing and picking at it yourself, it will usually clear up soon after.

FYI: Avoid getting a facial right before a big event, especially if you’ve never had one before. Take caution by scheduling a facial approximately two weeks prior.