We Love Wheatgrass!


Look what we found in the freezer section of our local Wholefoods … yep, it’s wheatgrass shots. They’re prepacked and frozen to preserve freshness. So there is no having to deal with the preparation and clean up process. You simply pop one in a cup of warm water for about 2 minutes and then drink. My hubby and I have one every morning.

Wheatgrass is the best source of chlorophyll available. In fact it contains about 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an essential blood builder, it helps to cleanse the liver, neutralizes toxins in the body and improves blood sugar levels. Google it. You’ll be amazed at how great this stuff really is.


don’t underestimate the power of tea

I have been battling a cough (believed to be caused by my allergies) since Friday. Apparently, according to weather reports, the mold count is high. Not fun. But, no worries … I have tea.

Great medicinal herbal teas …

  • Chamomile- soothing; anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger- reduces inflammation
  • White- powerful antioxidant; anti-inflammatory

My favorite brands- Numi, Eden Organics and Allegro Fine Teas.

Most wellness experts suggest 3 cups a day to reap the maximum benefits. I suggest you steep it with a slice of lemon and pure raw honey.

Since drinking several cups a day, along with plain water, my annoying allergy cough has become barely noticeable.



Remembering to drink water throughout the day is important, yet so many people forget to do it. It is not that they don’t understand how essential being hydrated is to one’s health; rather the act of stopping what they are doing to take a quick water break simply is not on the radar. I hear excuses from clients every day about how they “mean” to drink more water, but get so caught up in work, the kids, etc … that they just don’t think about it. Some even go the entire day without re-hydrating at all.

So how does one develop a habit of staying hydrated? Afterall, if you lead the horse to the water, 9 times out of 10 he will drink.

Here are a few tips …

  • Keep a pitcher or glass of water at your bedside so that you are reminded to hydrate first thing in the morning.
  • Invest in a good spill-proof water bottle that you can keep handy at all times.
  • Always choose to order water over soda or juice when eating out. If you are having drinks (alcoholic beverages) with friends, be sure to order a glass of water, too.
  • Also, try to have a salad with every meal as there is tons of water in greens.