Chicago Fitness Guru Mysti Cobb Inspires Us To Get Movin’

by Mysti Cobb

 Mysti Cobb, Personal Trainer & LMT

“I love to exercise!”

Monday is a spinning class and an hour of Pilates. Tuesday is the Insanity Workout DVD. Wednesday is an hour and a half of yoga. Thursday is weight training with my workout buddy Cheryl. Friday is an hour and a half of African dance. And Saturday is my rest day. Then on Sunday I start the rotation all over again by hitting the gym for an hour.

Exercise has always provided me with a way to relieve stress, get a good sweat and feel good about myself.

There are some weeks when my routine changes slightly and I cannot get it all in. Some days I may just take a 20 minute brisk walk outside. The important thing is I incorporate some form of exercise into my life on a daily basis. It is as regular as brushing my teeth or showering. My body needs it; and so does my mind. When I don’t get my exercise, I feel depressed and tired. Exercise gives me energy and lifts my spirits.

There are many elements in life that can wear on our minds, bodies and spirits. It is extremely important to relieve ourselves of these elements before they begin to take a toll. Find something that you enjoy physically and stick to your program. Whether it is basketball; roller skating; running … the possibilities are endless. Simply carve out a few minutes each day to exercise; then watch how your life and body changes.

Mysti Cobb, personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, is the owner of Blue Girl Wellness in Chicago. 
Photo Credit: Vignette Experience Photography

Author: Wholistic Skincare

Chicago-based natural skincare & beauty expert

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