7 Top Skincare Mistakes

Julie+ColorCaring for our skin should be second nature right? Wrong! While some of us instinctively know what our skincare needs are, others fall short in this department.

Below is a list of some popular mistakes and suggestions on how you may better care for your skin.

1. Over Cleansing

Some of you may like having that “squeaky clean” feeling after washing your face. But, that feeling is usually an indication that you have stripped your skin of much needed oils. No matter how oily your skin may be, it is important to leave some amount of oil in tact as it provides nourishment and protection for our skin. Cleanse once a day; in the evening time using the correct cleanser for your skin type.

2. Using Too Much Moisturizer

Moisturizer should feel good on your skin. It should not feel too oily or greasy. Your skin should feel comfortable, not dry or tight. Do not apply directly under your eyes as the thinner skin will absorb too much moisture causing puffiness or fine white bumps to appear.

3. Over Exfoliating

Careful not to over exfoliate. Exfoliating too often can lead to redness and irritation. Using scrubs that contain ground nutshells can be too harsh for the skin. Look for gentle over-the-counter exfoliators that contain fruit enzymes or if you prefer a scrub choose one with cornmeal such as ilike Organics Rosehip Exfoliator.

4. Using the Wrong Face Mask

It is important that you choose face masks based on your skin type. Clay masks are for oily or blemish-prone skin. They help by regulating sebum (oil) production and treating acne by fighting off bacteria. Try glo Therapeutics Refining Mask. The best mask for dry skin types are hydrating or mud mask as they supply the skin with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. If your skin is dry and lack luster then you would like glo Therapeutics Restorative Mask.

5. Choosing Not to Wear Sunscreen

Everyone needs sun protection- Black, White, or Yellow. It doesn’t matter what your ethnic makeup is the sun can have some negative effects on your skin. Sunscreen is needed even on the cloudiest days. Yes, we all could use vitamin D and the sun is THE best source. Therefore we are required to get at least 1 hour worth of sunlight without protection each day. But, after that… cover up. Be sure to choose Broad-Spectrum suncreens with a SPF of at least 15. If you are a lighter complexion then you may need to reapply your sunscreen every hour. If you are a darker complexion then you need to reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

6. Going to Bed with Makeup On

Sleeping in makeup wreaks havoc on your skin. Think about it… you’ve been wearing makeup all day. Environmental debris, oil, and dirt has gotten trapped in the makeup becoming an ideal playground for bacteria. I know that you are tired, but muster up the energy to wash your face before turning in at night.

7. Not Giving Products Enough Time

A very common mistake is trying new products too often. In order to see the true effect that a product has on your skin, you need to try it for at least 3 months. Keep in mind, however, that if a product irritates your skin, then cease using it immediately. Also, because our skin care needs change with the season, so should your product regime. For example, if you are oilier during the summer months, then you will need to use a cleanser formulated for oily skin. If you are dry during the winter months, then you will need a cleanser formulated for dry skin.


Author: Wholistic Skincare

Chicago-based natural skincare & beauty expert

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