beauty on the go …

How many of you do your makeup on the go? By this I mean while riding the bus, train, or even driving (heaven forbid … but, it happens).

On the train ride into my space this morning, I watched as a young woman carefully applied a full face of makeup. First, she smeared on a bright red lip color; followed up with a pinkish tone blush; then a black caked eyeliner. And, just as the train continued to rumble and roar along the tracks, steady hand and all, she painted her lashes with thick black mascara.


Watching her reminded me of how when I was in high school, riding the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) clear across town each day, I would do my makeup. It was a regular part of my morning routine. I had to wake up at the crack of dawn; get dressed; eat a bowl of oatmeal; and head out by 6 AM.

I was almost always in a mad rush to catch the 95 East bus so that I would make it on time for 1st period. Putting makeup on before leaving the house just wasn’t in the cards. And, oh yes, my 16-year-old self had to look fly, so makeup was a must!

Good thing I had steady hands or else I surely would have poked my eyes out. Truth be told, just like her, I was pretty good at it.

Disclaimer: I no longer practice nor do I advocate applying makeup on trains, buses, or while driving. It’s not only unsafe, but SUPER unsanitary.

-Until next time



Author: Wholistic Skincare

Chicago-based natural skincare & beauty expert

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