You’re So Sensitive

It occurred to me just the other day while at work that 3 out of the 4 women who were seeing me for the first time began a discussion about their skin with the ever so popular statement, “I have very sensitive skin.” Emphasis on “VERY.”

Well the truth is, most people have sensitive skin to one degree or another. In spite of your skin type- normal, oily, combination, dry; ethnicity; or age, everyone may experience skin irritation. The skin can react to a variety of things such as weather conditions, hormonal changes, sun exposure and skincare products. Often times the skin may suffer an allergic response like itching, swelling, small bumps or hives caused by irritating cosmetic ingredients, animal hair, dust, pollen or mold. 

Just think about the number of cosmetic and skin care products that we use on any given day. It’s a safe bet that the average woman uses about 10 different skincare, makeup and hair products per day with each one containing at least twenty different ingredients; chemically-produced ingredients that are likely synthetic and no doubt harmful to not only the skin, but our overall well-being. In keeping all of that in mind, it is only natural that most of us will experience some sort of skin irritation almost daily. And we wonder why we’re so sensitive to everything. Well, for most of us, the answer resides within our bathroom cabinets.

We all have the potential to develop sensitive skin. Therefore, everyone should be sure to treat their skin with the utmost care. Be kind to your skin. Choose products that are absent of synthetic fragrances and other irritating ingredients including- parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol and mica. Remember that less is more. A product will not be any more effective if you use it more than what the directions call for. Your bath towels and bed linens have the potential to harbor bacteria so be sure to change them frequently. Also, be sure to wash your makeup brushes weekly.

Don’t fear facials. Instead view them as an opportunity to revive the skin. Let the therapist know that your skin is easy to react to products. Be prepared to inform her about products that you currently use and products that have irritated your skin in the past. Also, tell her about any medications that you are currently on, as they too may be the cause of skin irritability. This way she has a clue about what to use and what to avoid. 

Our skin is our body’s first line of defense against harmful elements. Protect it the way it protects you.


Author: Wholistic Skincare

Chicago-based natural skincare & beauty expert

2 thoughts on “You’re So Sensitive”

  1. I have the least sensitive skin on earth. I could probably have a facial of kerosene and sand paper and still not do much damage. Seriously though, what sorts of things do you use on people who really don't have any known sensitives?

  2. LOL … well then the world is your oyster!

    Choose products based on your skin type- oily, combination (oily on forehead, nose and chin; dry around the jawline), or dry.

    If you have oily or combination skin, then you will need oil-free products. If you have dry skin, which many of us do this time of year, then you will need products formulated for normal to dry skin.

    Your basic daily skin care regimen should include- a cleanser (gel or milk formulation); vitamin c serum to combat or prevent environmental damage; and a moisturizer with spf 15 for the daytime and a night-time moisturizer.

    Product Brands that I recommend are:
    Alba- Wholefoods, Target, Ulta, and Walgreens
    Eminence Organics- online, salons, and spas

    I hope that helps 🙂

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